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Embodied Living

Cleanse your lenses of perception
Ignite the fire of your soul purpose
fuel your passions and creative genius
Align heart mind coherence
embody your highest self
Cultivate   Activate    Optimize   Radiate  



Hi, I'm Tristan 

My work is a living tree, deeply rooted in the richness of the Earth, with branches that extend out into the cosmos. Essentially, I'm a sacred container creatress, nurturer of the alchemical process of transformation, who works between the dimensions of the structured (physical) and unstructured (psyche/mind).  I show up as a PsychoSpiritual cheerleader, seeing your potential even when you may not, offering tools and support for you to reconnect to your true divine nature, in the present highest self, so you may access your own body's  intelligence and  healing capabilities.  I am dedicated to empowering others to cultivate their own inner fierceness, self love, self compassion, joy, confidence and balance of mind body and spiritual wellness.  You do the work, I lovingly hold space for you.

Contact Me

808 Donahue Street

 Santa Rosa, California

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