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Psychedelic Preparation-Integration

If you feel a clear call to work with psychedelics- plant medicine, I am here to support  you in preparing  yourself mentally, physically and spiritually so that you may get the most benefit from your experience. What we put in, is what we get out! The more mindfulness we put into preparing the more ready we will be to face what arises with ease, grace and trust. 

Integration post ceremony (or experience)  may be the most important part. Having an experience with medicine can open things up in the psyche, unearthing childhood traumas, memories, stories, which can bring up many emotions,  some may be challenging to process. As well, often  the medicine provides deep insight, revelations, and healings,  both  leaving the participant blasted wide open.  Once the ceremony is over, that is where the work begins! This is where integration support comes in, especially working with an ally who has a long history of personal experience working with medicine themself.  I personally have over 25 years experience ingesting psychedelics, as an inner explorer Psychonaut, LSD Assisted Theraputic Journey Work, and over a decade participating in many Indigenous Plant Medicine Ceremonies. It would be an honor to be of service to you in this way. 

Psychedelic Peer Support 

I'm also a  volunteer for the Zendo Project, as a sitter.   Zendo  provides a safe space at events for people to come  and receive support  who may be having a difficult experience.  Our mission is to provide harm reduction and a compassionate relaxed atmosphere for people to transfrom challenging experiences into learning and growing opportunities.  

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