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Compassionate Self Inquiry

is a way of life!

Hi, I'm Tristan

 AlcheMystical Sacred Container Creatress Extraordinaire, Trauma Informed Somatic Transformational Life Coach, Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner, Movement Medicine Facilitator, Fitness Professional, Ceremonialist, Psychedelic Peer Support-Preparation-Integration Coach, Manual Therapist,  Artist, Dancer, Writer,  Mother and more.. Sounds like a lot,  I know, and it is, however, this is the culmination of  over 25 years of personal development, education, and life experience.  

I'm a multidimensional ageless being of light, ancient, infinite, having a finite human experience. During my over 4 decades here I have lived many lifetimes, collected many stories, written countless chapters, and lived to tell them all!  I've healed many layers of childhood traumas, verbal- physical abuse, sexual violations, drug addiction, I've been held hostage at gun point, attempted suicide, I've purged demons and gone deep into the bowels of hell just to see if I could make it back, I came very close to not.  BUT I DID!  I regret nothing, for each of these experiences were the fires that forged my soul.

 I learned how to Alchemize My poison and pain into medicine and empowerment 

 Not power over anyone or thing, but my own self and  the choices I make.  I've also created worlds, communities, built bridges, birthed babies, built homes, gardens, designed a clothing line, created costumes and adornments for others, co-created ritual performances, magic and rites of passage ceremonies.  I've built businesses, created art, traveled the world, drank medicine with Curendero's  and continue to learn from my elders and allies.  

First and foremost I'm a mother, and when I sit with clients, I channel this nurturing non judgmental  love into all of my sessions because this is the foundation of the container I hold.  I am a devotee of the divine feminine and divine masculine and I carry both the sword and the chalice. I am a warrior and a lover, not the kind of warrior who wants to hurt anyone, but one who cuts through illusion and confusion with compassion.   Nature is my church, my altar is my heart, the path is life, I'm on it, growing, evolving, shedding that which no longer serves my highest and best, over and over again.  There is no destination, no getting off this ride, only a sweet surrender into the next incarnation as each  moment arises.  Every breath is a blessing and a miracle that we even exist, every moment is a new opportunity to  be more in the present to fully experience and enjoy the now. 

I'm excited to meet you, because you are another myself, we are all brothers and sisters, all Earthlings, co creators of this reality matrix we call life.   I believe in our capacity to collectively heal multigenerational trauma. I believe we can work together as a species to steward this beloved land for many generations to come. There are enough resources for all beings to have their needs met.  My prayer is that all beings be awakened to the light of  their true nature,  all beings be peaceful,  happy,  safe, and  free. 

I find myself at the intersection of science and spirituality, blending academia with ancient shamanic healing technologies.  Viewing life through a holistic lens, I find it is imperative to consider all parts our our beings, mind, body and spirit, for if one is suffering the whole is affected.  


SRJC & Cal Coast University-  Psychology 

The Tao of Healing Arts,  Traditional Chinese Medicine,  Shiatsu 

The Institute of PsychoStructural Balancing,  Massage Therapy, Tai Chi 


Reiki level 2  Practitioner

The National Academy of Sports Medicine, Master Trainer 

NASM Behavioral Change Specialist & Holistic Health Coach 


Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner

IFS Coaching For Self Leadership


The Living Dying Project, Compassionate Support for the Dying

Clinical EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique aka Tapping) 

Roots & Wings 200hr RYT, Yoga Instructor 

Buti Yoga Instructor

Santa Rosa JC Dance Program, Hip hop, Jazz, Modern, Ballet 

20 Years of Flow Arts &  Fire Dance, Experience,  Performance, Teaching                    

              Medicine Path Apprenticeships 

Mesa Carrier, Q'ero Andean Lineage 

Tabaquera- Curandera Student, Mamankunawa 

Amazonian Shipibo, Traditional Ayahuasca Plant Dietas  

Each of these lineages carries its own healing technology, methodology and cosmology,  yet they weave together a  rich tapestry of multicultural ancestral wisdom.  I am a student, an apprentice on a long road,  as it takes many years of dedication and discipline.  The medicine work, my spiritual practices,  help me keep my channel clean and clear, so I may be a good hollow bone, a vessel for spirit to move through and guide me in all of my work. I am committed to doing my shadow work,  seeing my blind spots with an open heart-mind, being accountable, shedding limiting beliefs, honing my gifts and being of  service as a beacon of light  on the path.  

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