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Luscious Aphrodite

Women's Retreat

Maui Hawaii

May  10-15, 2023

Join Us! 

For an All Inclusive 5 night Experience of a Lifetime!

You are invited to gather with an intimate group of women, in a gorgeous setting at Hale Akua Eco-Retreat on Maui, Hawaii's North Shore. Nestled on the cliffs edges, with vast ocean and waterfall views. This is an opportunity for each of us to invoke our own unique embodiment and expression of  "Luscious Aphrodite", and to weave our wisdom, magic and medicine together.

Who is this archetype, and why her now? Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, beauty and initiation. I percieve myths, stories, as analogies, reflections of our collective human psyche. Living parts of ourselves that we can connect with, invoke and cultivate relationship with. I'm not here to tell you who Aphrodite is, but to inspire you to explore for youself what embodying your own interpretation looks, feels, tastes and  sounds like.  Why? Because  we are emerging from 1,000's of years of oppression, shame and guilt and the primal wild free divine creatrix energy of the divine feminine is rising, awakening and reclaiming her soverignty and power.  Not power over anyone, power onto herself.   Now is the time for us to remember who we are, our untapped potential and unique  medicines. We have the ability to  alchemize our suffering, pain, trauma, and self limiting stories into pearls of wisdom,  filling our cups until they are overflowing in abundance, so that we may share our hearts, our gifts with the world from a place of groundedness, compassion, confidence, self love, self acceptance, empowered, embodied, radiance! 


To begin our journey we will be meeting all together, virtually for 2 live calls during the month of April, leading up to our retreat. This is where the work will begin, as we deep dive right into collective cleaning, clearing, shedding, healing and  creating space for  Integrating all parts of our whole selves, up leveling and  optimizing our realities.  Within a  safe, non-judgemental container, we will invite vulnerability and authenticity as we open up,  illuminting any self limiting stories, beliefs or perceptions that may be road blocks in the way of feeling clarity, connected, supported, confident, empowered, peace and joyfilled! We will share incredibly useful tools for long lasting personal transformation! This is a wonderful way for us to connect with other sisters who feel this call to be apart of this work right now.  Group work is profound, as the enegies of each one of us who shows up brings a piece of a greater puzzle.

Please know that you do not have to have any dance experience to come, only an open heart-mind!


We have an incredible curated
journey planned!  

  • Daily Movement Medicine

  • Yoga-Primal Movement Play

  • Multi-Genre Dance Exploration-Twerk-Creative FloorPlay-Bellydance

  • Ecstatic Dance W/ Dj Shelagit

  • Breathwork-Meditation

  • Vocal Release-Activation-Exploration w/ AngelPhonics & Amae Love

  • Shamanic Drum Journey Vision Quest

  • Despacho Ceremony-Rituals

  • Journaling-Self Inquiry Practices 

  • Beach & Waterfall Excursions 

Retreat  Includes

  • All Inclusive Retreat Experience

  • 5 Nights Accomodations in Shared Villas

  • 2 Virtual Group Coaching Calls in April 

  • Organic Meals by Private  Chef Amae Love 

  • Beach & Waterfall Excursions (Transportaion Included) 

Not Included

  • Airfare to and from  Maui

  • Transportation from Airport to Retreat (we will link you together to coordinate)

  • Food while out on excursions

  • Spa Services/Massage at Hale Akua

Retreat Costs

 Option 1. $2,222  "Pay in Full" $2,222 
 Option 2. $2,400 "50/50 Plan", Pay 50% deposit of $1,200 now &  $1,200 by 4/15/23


 Meet Your  Facilitators!

i give you flowers .JPG

Tristan   St.Germain  is a Trauma Informed Somatic Life Coach,  Movement Medicine Facilatator,  and Modern Day Medicine Woman.    She began her journey in the healing  and movement arts 25 years ago.   She has been immersed in the practices of  yoga, dance, flow arts, ritual, women's rites of passage, ceremony, workshops, and exploring multiple facets of education in both the the fields of Science-Psychotherapeutic approaches to healing as well as spiritual initiations and apprenticship to ancient lineages.


She is both  student and teacher, a mother of two teenagers, married 22 years, experienced in cultivating healthy  communication dynamics, while also maintaining her own authentic  embodied expression.  


Though she has trained in many modalities of dance, it's FreeStyle Movement Play that has her heart.  Learning technique is like learning language, where through repetition these patterns become apart of our movement vocabulary, which then expands our ability to creatively articulate  dancefloor  conversations.  It is a great honor for her to be a guide for others to come home ever more deeply from a place of self love, acceptance and compassion. 


Luscious Aphrodite was birthed as a nickname her husband once named her.  It resonated deeply  and was used as a stage name for performaces.  However she knew this name wasn't  just for her, this name is an archetype of the psyche, a divine expression of the goddess of love, beauty and initation, that is accessible for anyone who seeks to know her, to be her.  

This retreat is an invitation, a co-creation, a healing experience and an empowering journey, that she is honored to  co-facilate. 

Sheryl  Ashley    "Che"
Che is a certified Psychospiritual life coach, breath work practitioner, certified death doula and traditional healer through ceremony and earth medicines. She has 15 years experience of embodying the sacred divine feminine through the art of invocation of the goddesses through theater, art, music, dance as well as ceremonial rituals of the feminine through mirror & moon blood magic. Her calling to Luscious Aphrodite is to help empower women to nuture and grow their wild woman garden within themselves through the power of vocal expression and breath so they can fall and rise deeply in love with their unique sacred power, beauty, & authenticity with exquisite pleasure and purpose.   

Sheryl Smiles .jpg
Amae Love _edited.jpg

our Private Chef & Vocal alchemist  

Amae  Love 

Chef YumAe is a real foodist, adept at putting together deliciously delightful meals and desserts comprised of organic, whole foods. The focus is always on seasonal, local, fresh, sexy, healthy yet indulgent fare. This skilled, sassy Kitchenista can master any specialty diet from Vegan to Keto. Everything she makes is gluten free & can be dairy free. All animal products used are grass fed & free range. As a former raw vegan, this paleo priestess makes sure the utmost care is shown in her ingredient selection. 
No one goes hungry when Chef GourMaeMae is in the kitchen. Get ready to have your socks knocked off by her delectable cuisine. 
As professional singer and musician, the food is often blessed by a sweet serenade as well.  The Yum becomes US!

Tris & Sheryl .jpg

Creating this offering is an evolving process, like a lotus unfurling it's limitless petals of potential.  Though we are the creatresses, we too are the muses, guided by something greater then us an individuals.  If this offering speaks to your heart, you are invited to join us as we birth something new, something magical, together~     With love, Tristan & Che

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out

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